Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Forgot My Blog Web Address

I didn't feel like going to Blogger to find my blog, so I figured I would type in my blog web address.  I have only had a couple sips of coffee and yesterday was a 'Teenage Daugther's Mother's Day of Hell'. 

This is what I entered:  Go ahead, click it.  I'll wait.  I should have typed: .


Can you believe it?  I came up with my unique blog title all on my own!  And someone else had the same idea--EIGHT freaking years ago!  And only blogged ONCE. 

Thanks R?ck, owner of Whine and Jeez Blogspot.  Thanks for making me feel very outdated and non-original in my creativity for your ONE stupid ass blog post.  But on a less sarcastic note, thanks for giving me a good laugh.  I needed it after my 'Teenage Daughter's Mother's Day of Hell.'


  1. I just laughed so hard! I swear every day of my life is like this! wrong address at a time! :) Hang in there!!! XO

    1. Glad to hear I made you laugh! Thanks!