Saturday, August 11, 2012

I should have been a cat

I was holding my sweet little white kitty baby this morning and realized I am alot like a cat.  I never really would have thought this if someone were to say: "Are you more like a cat or a dog"?  But this morning, drinking my first cup of coffee, I realized it.

My little white kitty is named Daydream.  She is beautiful and really excels in the being cute department.  She puts herself into the sweetest little positions.  She has blue eyes, so she squints when she is outside in the sun.  But like most cats, she really doesn't like to be messed with.  She wants to do what she wants to do.  It doesn't matter if she looks like the cutest little fluff ball ever lying on that chair.  This is not an invitation to touch her.  She won't bite or scratch, but she turns into one mean looking kitty and might even growl.  She NEVER comes to "Here kitty kitty" or "psss psss psss" accompanied with finger motions to entice her to come.  She may even brush up against me, but this does NOT mean to pick her up!!  She's just doing her thing.  It has nothing at all to do with me or you or anyone else.

BUT, but, BUT-- if she wants attention, Good God you better give it to her.  There really is no way in hell that I can ignore her if she wants love.  She places herself in on my hands.  She drools on me.  I swear she even gives me 'bedroom eyes'.  She rubs herself on my face.  And somehow she manages to do her shedding while this is going on.  Cat hair everywhere.  In my nose, on my lips, in my eyelashes, on the keyboard....  everywhere.  I can walk away or throw her down, but she's right back there with me.  If I walk away, she will trip me by getting under my feet.  If I throw her down, she jumps right back up.  I literally have to stop whatever I am doing and pet her until she is tired of it.  I am serious.  There really is nothing I can do about this.

So while this was going on this morning, and I was catching cat hair in my coffee, I thought what a great life a cat has.  This really is my personality, but I try to hide it because it is SO selfish.  But cats don't have to worry about it!  Somehow they manage to continue being loved.  No one leaves them or criticizes them for being so finicky.  Cats are finicky.  We accept that about them.  Not like dogs.  Dogs are man's best friend.  They come when called.  They sit when told.  They are supposed to assist us in our living by providing companionship and protection.  At least a bark if someone knocks.  We train them to do little tricks, and they get rewards for this.

All along, I have been trying to be a dog.  And I have been miserable.  I rarely please the masters.  I don't want to learn tricks.  I don't want to have to live for anyone else.

I want to be left alone if I want to be left alone, and I want attention when I want attention.  And I want to be loved for being who I am.

I should have been a cat.

Daydream in the garage


  1. Nice to meet you in your own words. :)

  2. Cute post. I like the picture of your cat.
    Happy Little Feet

    1. Thanks! Wouldn't you know she posed for the cutest little pic today. I just need to get all my pics over to my computer.

  3. Great Blog! I am looking forward to reading your posts! You have great style! :) Bea

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I am so happy you stopped by!! :)

  4. Adorable! I'm sure you could give Daydream a run for the money in the cute kitty dept.

    I'm not in the NJ area anymore. Where in Jersey were you from?

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!!


  5. Aww, Gee, thank you!!! I am from Cape May County in NJ. Thank YOU for stopping by my blog. :)