Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teenage Daughter's Mother's Day of Hell

As I mentioned here, yesterday was the 'Teenage Daughter's Mother's Day of Hell'. 

What is that? you might wonder.  Why did she come up with a mouthful like that? 

I'll tell you why.  It was the most decent un-profane way I could find to describe it to make it bloggable.  That's why.

My girl is 13.  I know I have mentioned it before, but to me-it pretty much describes everything I am going through.  Have you heard the term 'Triskaidekaphobia'.  If not, google it.  This will all be here when you get done.  

Can you believe there is a word for such a thing?  That, to me, says alot.  ALOT.  Others have experienced this.  They KNOW.  And all you moms of little tiny darlings that you think will never be awful demons at 13, you are wrong wrong WRONG.  And all of you moms who have teen girls and you are thinking My teen girls don't act like this, WRONG.  You just aren't onto their sneaky little asses.  Ok, now that I have made myself feel better by telling you all that your kids are going to be nuts at 13 or ARE already nuts at 13, I will cut to the chase.

My girl is boy crazy.  This doesn't even begin to describe it.  

I found out she has been sexting (yeah I said it and took it back, but its the truth) texting a guy who she believes to be 14 (who knows how old??!!) that her friend befriended on an internet game called "Our World".  I stopped her from playing that game when I found out people can talk to each other on there.  I seriously SERIOUSLY monitor and restrict her internet usage.  

The only reason she has the ability to text people I don't know is because she worked all summer (and made me proud) and saved up enough money to buy an Ipod Touch.  I had no idea those things could get a phone number for texting.  I don't have a cell phone or an Ipod.  But she was happier than a gold medal winner when she was able to communicate with her friends.  Back in the day, I used a corded phone and laid on the floor with my feet up on the wall to talk to friends.  But they don't do that anymore.  Even if they have cell phones, they text each other instead of talking. 

So her friend met this '14 year old boy' and passed his texting number along to my girl.  His name is supposedly Gabe and I am not even going to change his name to protect his privacy.  For some insane reason, my girl decides to text him.  They barely talk AT ALL and he asks her to send a pic of her boobs to him in return for a pic of his dick.  And she complies.  

And then she deletes it all off of her Ipod so that when I go to check it to make sure she isn't acting inappropriately, it isn't there.  And I don't hear about it for WEEKS.  

It doesn't worry her.  It doesn't concern her.  It doesn't eat away at her.  She doesn't worry about this guy being an old pervert who sneaks into her window.  Oh I guess cause he lives 1000 miles away?!  Does this make this activity safer?  This is the girl who accidentally left a chicken coop door open at her neighbor's house which resulted in the dogs committing a chicken massacre.  She vomited because she felt so guilty.  She confessed to me and went over to apologize to the neighbor.  This was just two years ago.  How do we go from that to THIS?  She has a father!  We spend time with her!  I have talked to her many times about sex and sexting and all of that crap.  I monitor and restrict and also allow her freedom for other things.  I thought I had it all figured out.

I don't.  Other than to believe 13 year olds are just nuts.  But I don't know what to do.

She's going to therapy.  Today at 1:30.  Thank God I am already going or I know for sure I'd be in the looney bin by now.

I haven't even gotten to the details of the 'Teenage Daughter's Mother's Day of Hell' yet.  I have to save it for another entry because this one has just been way too painful to write.  And this is supposed to be a humor blog. :/

Will I survive this?  Put my blog in your reader to find out...

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